Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Hello Guys, Welcome to our website Privacy Policy Page. This is informs to all of you that this website is a Private portal. This is not linked with any official organisation. In this website we generally update the information regarding the Online Sand booking in Tamil Nadu and other states of India. In this website we give you brief details how you will get Sand online in various states.

This website is Generated in 2017. The main Aim of this website to Help Peoples and provide them information. All the Posts in this website is written by admin and we maintain the decorum of the website.

Cookies and Web Beacones

This Portal is a Information based website. We are not collecting or store Cookies. The Information of Visitors come form the side of visitors and this is come all over the India. The IP Address and location information is only by Browsers.

Double Click Dart Cookies

Google is a third party vendor. Google use Dart cookies based advertisement on our website. Advertisement use Cookies and Web Beacons.

Google Adsence

Google Advertisement is a Third Part Adds Company. They are using there services of serving us adds. The Third party use IP Address and Cookies Plus JAVA Script and Web Beacons by the Third Party. There is No Control of Us on the Advertisement and Third party Adds on out Website.

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