RUSU > Rajasthan University Student Union Election Result 2017-18 : Date

RUSU > Rajasthan University Student Union Election Result 2017-18: Date. We all are very much familiar that almost in every university the students’ elections are held. These students elections are held every year among the various political parties competing in the respective college or university. By these students elections, the different candidates are being nominated for the different seats. Every political party competing nominate their candidates for the elections. Among those nominated candidates than the most voted candidates are selected for the seat they were competing for. In the student’s election, the main seat is to be the president of the university. Beyond president also there are many important seats for which the students complete.

Rajasthan University Student Union Election Result 2017-18

In most of the universities, these students elections are conducted. On the university in which these elections are conducted is Rajasthan University. This year also the student’s election is going to be held in Rajasthan University. Rajasthan University is the biggest university in Rajasthan state and all the other colleges of the state will also participate in these elections. Only those colleges and institutes can participate in the student’s election who is being affiliated with the Rajasthan University. The students of the Rajasthan University shows a great interest in Rajasthan University Student Union Election Result. As these student elections are the only one which can further help them to make a political career.

Rajasthan University Student Union Election Result

Rajasthan University Student Union Election Result 2017-18

So in Rajasthan University also these elections are going to be conducted and are known as the Rajasthan University Students Union Elections 2017 – 18. In these elections, all the parties will participate. As candidates will be standing and presenting on the behalf of their political party and some of them will be standing as an independent candidate. Whereas the main political parties participating in these elections are ABVP (Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad, NSUI (National Student Union of India) and SFI etc. The ABVP party is being backed up the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) and the NSUI party is supported by the Indian National Congress.

The post for which these parties are competing is mentioned below...

  • President
  • Vice President.
  • General Secretary.
  • Joint Secretary etc.

For these 4 posts total 24,351 votes will be polled as expected. For this year election in Rajasthan University, total 19 nominations were filled for the post of President. 6 nominations are for the post of Vice President and for Joint Secretary also there were 6 nominations. For the other posts there were 22 nomination. So as a total there were completely 53 candidates who were nominated for the post as mentioned above. Now very soon these elections will be conducted within all the colleges of the state. The polling of these elections will be conducted soon and then the Rajasthan University Student Union Election Result will decide the winner of the elections.

RUSU Election Result 2017-18

The Rajasthan University Student Union Election Result  also be released soon. The result will be declared both in offline and online mode. On the official web link of uniraj the result of the election will be displayed. The official web link of the uniraj is On this official web link, the result of the election will be displayed. On the result, the name of the winner will be shown as per their posts. After the declaration of Rajasthan University, Student Union Election Result the winners of the posts will be headed on to their responsibilities.

The president will be selected from the party who will get the maximum number of votes and the seats within all the colleges of the state. For further more details regarding the election, all the readers are requested to access the official link as described above.

List Of Colleges Under Rajasthan University:

Maharaja College

Maharani College

Law College Morne Ng

Rajasthan School of Arts

Commerce College Jaipur

SSG Pareek Girls PG College

Law College Evening

Sanskrit University

Knodia College Jaipur

Department Wise Name:

Mass Department


Music Department

BADAM Department

Rajasthan Student Union Election is held today in Rajasthan state. This is one of the biggest election in student level. This election decides which student will run organization for next year. this will create positive change in colleges, and also help in to maintain the positive environment in colleges. A student who has any criminal record in past would not get a ticket in this election. This election is very important for the students of Rajasthan University. the result of the election will be announced soon till evening today. students are very excited about the result. so for update related to result of election stay with us. we will provide all information related to the result.

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