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Samadhan Yojana Madhya Pradesh >> Register Complaint Online:

Till now the Madhya Pradesh government has taken various initiatives towards the state and the civilians. Many of the schemes and yojanas were also introduced by the state government make out an overall development in the state. The schemes and the yojanas were released towards the every aspect of living. The scheme was for education, medical facility, job opportunities, loan waivers and farmers etc. The main focus of the state government was towards the farmers of the state. The farmers play a vital role in the society, as they are the only one who are producing the goods we intake. But the farmers are the only one who is living in poverty and are having very less income.

Keeping this thing in the mind the state government of Madhya Pradesh decided to take some effective step towards this situation. A few weeks back the farmers of Madhya Pradesh were on protest and were demanding for the loan waiver and fair prices for their production. This protects was for six days and in between, it became more violent. The farmers were also demanding a price hike in milk up to Rs. 50. As the farmers said that they spend Rs. 37 in every liter of milk. So looking into the matter the project was some how over and the demands of the farmers were also looked into. The farmers also said that they are unable to complaint as their registered complaints have no effects till now. So they need to conduct a protest to keep in front their demands.

Samadhan Yojana Madhya Pradesh

Chief Minister, Shivraj Singh Chauhan looked up into the matter and started a new scheme for the farmers. The scheme is known as the Samadhan Yojana. Samadhan Yojana Madhya Pradesh is basically an online samadhan Yojana or we can say an online samadhan portal. A new online portal has been released by the CM in which the farmers can put on their complaints. The complaints entered in the Samadhan portal will directly reach to the Chief Minister of MP. He himself will bring out the solution for the entered complaints. This is the main reason the scheme is known as Samadhan Yojana Madhya Pradesh. Under this the solution (samadhan) will be given out to the problems of the farmers.

Every farmer of the state can put in their complaint in this samadhan portal. The solution for their complaints and problems will be given by the CM himself on every 1st Tuesday of every month. On every Tuesday about 20 to 25 complaint application forms will be looked into. To complaint regarding anything, the farmers can visit the samadhan portal and can register their complaint. The site and the method to the complaint are given below…

  • Go to the Samadhan Portal
  • Then to complain, click on the Register Complaint.
  • A Complaint Application form will appear on the screen.
  • Then on Part A of the form fill all your demanded details.
  • Whereas on Part B fill/enter the problem or complaint which needs to be resolved.
  • Then click on submit and then the complaint will be registered.
  • Farmers can also take a hard copy of the form along with them for further concerns.

When the complaint is successfully registered then the CM will look into the matter and on every first Tuesday of the month he will bring out the solution for their problem. So we can say that this is an amazing method taken out by the CM to resolve the problems of the farmers.

Samadhan Yojana Rule-1 

Samadhan Yojana Rule- 2

Samadhan Yojana Rule- 3

Complaint Status under Samadhan Yojana

Samadhan Yojana Application Form

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